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IFRS16 Lease Mapping with SAP RE-FX

Simple presentation of leases and mapping according to "IFRS16" and US GaaP ASC 842 reporting standard. Take advantage of existing solution elements and combine this with your existing SAP infrastructure. "SAP Flexible Real Estate (SAP RE-FX) offers you a suitable solution for the simplified and comprehensive mapping of leases.

SAP RE-FX "Flexible Real Estate Management" is fully integrated with Asset Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Controlling under SAP S/4HANA.  Whether buying or selling, leasing properties or billing - with RE-FX, all business transactions and processes in real estate management can be mapped holistically and easily.

SAP Real Estate Management

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SAP Contract and Lease Management is a subcomponent and offers comprehensive administration and contract management for leases. This allows contracts and the associated contract components to be recorded, modified, and managed in a simplified manner - throughout the entire lifecycle.  

  • From the initial valuation of the recorded contract components - terms, contract objects, payment modalities or termination and extension options - to the automated periodic subsequent valuation of the right of use, taking into account the underlying depreciation methods.  
  • Subsequent valuation of the lease liability through automated calculation of the posting, repayment and interest expense.  
  • In addition, further functionalities - such as the simplified handling of contract amendments in accordance with IFRS 16, the processing of contract reassessments - are available.  
  • Contract & Lease Management provides financial statement-oriented standard reports that significantly simplify and accelerate the closing process. You save time through integration to other service parts and ultimately costs. Detailed reports help you to analyze your leasing portfolio and make more informed decisions. 

You don't have to implement the entire suite from the beginning, but can conveniently start with contract management and integration with accounting and later opt for additional functions . This allows you to quickly generate the resulting benefits without unnecessary delays to the overall project. Depending on your strategy with regard to SAP S/4HANA, you can already use SAP RE-FX in the current SAP ECC system and migrate it later to your future SAP S/4HANA target system.  


With S/4HANA Cloud for Contract & Lease Management, customers can standardize their lease and service contract management for real estate as well as machinery, equipment, vehicles and computer hardware. While S/4HANA Cloud for Contract & Lease Management provides a solution for lease management, SAP Cloud for Real Estate provides centralized information for an organization's real estate portfolio and helps companies gain insights into their real estate landscape, such as space utilization, asset costs, and portfolio composition. 

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