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"Data is the gold of the 21st century!"

The digital transformation can offer tremendous opportunities for new business opportunities and profit opportunities. The basis of these opportunities is in the collection and integration of data as they arise in every process, every machine, every communication and every click today.

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Google, Facebook and Amazon show how interlinking existing information with unstructured data can create relationships that can deliver a high individual value to each user. This enormous added value enables companies to assert themselves on the market and achieve significantly better results than the competition.

Maintain and expand market position

All companies today can use these technologies to maintain and expand their market position. Examples of the achievable benefits are:

  • Customer sales and profit increase through association analysis and classification through cross-selling, micro-marketing or churn-prediction
  • Product and portfolio expansion through digital value-added services around the core product
  • Cost reductions through benchmarking and cost driver analysis
  • Optimization of service quality and costs through predictive maintenance
  • Support of product development through service and social media analysis

What is your path to digital data analysis and visualization?

Every company has a certain BI (Business Intelligence) maturity status and uses analytical tools in the field of reporting. No matter where your company currently stands, there should be a well-defined and stakeholder-driven BI strategy that captures the following key points:

  • What data analysis requirements could exist for our future business?
  • Which target groups can have which requirements regarding data content and visualization tools?
  • What potential data sources and contents are there whose historical storage can make sense in the short or medium term?
  • Which defined data is collected and kept?
  • What is the right BI architecture for storing raw data and analytically processed data?
  • Which front-ends and which permissions are used to analyze and visualize the data?

Selection of suitable BI tools

The most frequently asked question in the field of SAP Analytics is certainly: "Which of the many SAP BI tools should I use and how do they fit into my IT strategy in the long term?". Phoron has years of experience with SAP's Analytics portfolio and knows other products that are complementary or alternative. Together with the customer, we evaluate the requirements and then decide on the optimal software according to objective criteria.
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Fast and flexible analytics solution for backend and frontend without high investment and time.
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Data Management
Business Planning and Predictive Analytics

The strength of the SAP Analytics toolset is not the single function of one of the special tools, but that all necessary analytics functionalities are integrated on the HANA platform:

  • BI reporting with data warehousing and operational real-time reporting
  • Itegrated corporate planning
  • Predictive Analytics

Phoron has several years of experience in all these areas from real customer projects and can assist them in their projects with his consultants.

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