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ABAP Development on Business Technology Plattform

Modernize your ABAP developments on the business technology platform and use the new technologies and market trends for your company.

Design your SAP system and your ABAP applications according to your ideas

In order to take advantage of new technologies and market trends, modernizing ABAP development on the SAP Business Technology platform is an important basic building block for companies. The platform combines application development, data and analytics, integration and artificial intelligence functions in a unified environment.

SAP BTP provides a variety of functions and services that make ABAP development on the cloud easier. Companies have the opportunity to expand and customize their SAP systems and applications.


Implement new business processes and optimize existing processes

SAP systems offer a variety of standard functions that are sufficient for most companies. However, in some cases it is necessary to customize standard functions. With ABAP Development on BTP, standard functions of SAP systems can be changed or new functions added. The performance and flexibility of SAP systems is increased and ensures that they meet individual business requirements.


Migrate ABAP applications to the cloud

Application customizations are important to change or extend the functionality of the applications. Migrating ABAP applications to the cloud has the advantage of developing and operating them on the BTP platform. Companies benefit from the cloud infrastructure here. This leads to improved user experience and performance.


Develop new ABAP applications and use the latest technologies and trends

Developments in the cloud allow companies access to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, etc. The BTP platform also offers the possibility of developing applications that combine and analyze data from different sources. These applications help companies gain new insights from their data and make more informed decisions.


Side-by-side extension - flexible extensions of the ERP system without adapting the ERP core

In the past, individual adjustments were often made directly to the core of the ERP system. This led to high maintenance costs and lengthy upgrade projects. Side-by-side extensions are standalone applications that work with SAP systems. New requirements are expanded without changing the SAP system core - so your ERP system core remains clean.

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