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More agility through seamless integration of data and processes

In a globalized business environment, IT systems must be able to communicate seamlessly with each other in order to efficiently handle data and business processes such as supply chain management and much more.

Integration and Interfaces - More business agility with the SAP Integration Suite

We live in an era of networking and connectivity. Business success depends largely on the use of company data. The integration and management of processes and data can be very time-consuming, especially when data from distributed systems and different sources and formats have to be brought together. There are also real-time requirements for data transfers, as well as security requirements and compliance regulations.

The future of seamless business integration – SAP Integration Suite

To facilitate the integration of applications and systems, the SAP Integration Suite offers a central platform with ready-made tools and functions. Both on-premise and cloud applications can be seamlessly integrated. Depending on the integration scenario, different tools can be used. Simple as well as more complex integration requirements are supported.


SAP Integration Suite is a cloud-based integration platform - IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). IPaaS is a collection of cloud services and primarily focuses on the integration of systems, data and applications and enables data exchange. Fragmented processes and applications can be easily integrated.


The suite connects and contextualizes processes and data, enabling new content-rich applications to be created faster and with less reliance on IT. With the SAP Open Connectors function, standardized interfaces are available “out of the box”.


With the monitoring option, the progress and performance of integration processes can be analyzed and tracked in real time. Monitoring helps companies recognize in good time when integration needs to be adjusted to keep up with scalability. Since the data is centralized, the integration process can be automated. This reduces manual processes, saving time and resources.

Connect, Integrate, Automate – Overview of SAP Integration Suite

API Management

Tools for creating, managing and monitoring APIs

Data integration

Seamless connection of on-premise and cloud systems, data migration and integration, data replication and quality management

Conversion and Mapping

Conversion of data, data structures, formats, etc. The mapping includes which data is transformed and transferred and how.

Monitoring and Analysis

Analysis and monitoring functions

Compliance and Security

Encryption and compliance tools


Respond to business changes without impacting performance and efficiency

Intergration Flows

Improved business efficiency and customer service by designing and managing integration flows

Overcome challenges in system integration together

We have extensive experience and expertise in working with global companies that have their headquarters and various operating locations in different countries. With our expertise in integrating SAP systems, we enable companies to optimize their business processes across different locations and find solutions that meet the specific needs and business processes of their company.

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