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Worldwide e-Invoicing

Send and report tax-related information with one standardized SAP solution

The Governments digital transformation results on a massive challenge for all multinational companies. Which country is next? What are the legal requirements? How can I meet those requirements and keep my company in compliance?

Worldwide e-Invoicing with SAP Document Reporting Compliance

E-invoicing, real-time reporting and statutory reporting to tax authorities are mandatory tasks in many countries. The increasing complexity of legal reporting obligations makes it more and more difficult for multinational companies to fulfil them accurately and on time.

Tax and compliance guidelines are subject to constant change. Companies must therefore regularly adapt their processes and systems to keep pace with new requirements. This is a particular challenge for companies operating in a global environment.


Compliance challenges for multinational companies


  • High time expenditure: The implementation of reporting obligations is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. Data must be collated from various sources, formatted, and transmitted to the tax authorities.
  • Lack of transparency and increased risk of sanctions: Companies with country-specific software solutions often have limited insight into the reporting process. They do not always know which data needs to be transmitted to which tax authorities and when. This can lead to problems in complying with reporting regulations.

SAP Document Reporting Compliance

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (DRC) overcomes the challenges faced by multinational companies in fulfilling legal reporting obligations with a standardised solution.

From electronic business documents in real time to statutory reports, SAP DRC covers all relevant technical and regulatory requirements. This automates and simplifies compliance processes.

The dashboard monitors legal changes in selected countries and provides the corresponding solution updates. Legal changes no longer need to be laboriously researched. This allows users to concentrate on their core tasks.


SAP BTP and SAP DRC: The perfect combination for more efficiency, compliance and flexibility

With the connection of SAP DRC to the SAP Business Technology Platform, it is now possible to organise compliance processes even more efficiently. With the connection to SAP BTP, company data can be imported directly from the SAP system. This saves time and resources and improves the compliance conformity of companies.


Advantages of SAP DRC

  • Standardised solution - different systems are no longer necessary to meet legal requirements (support for > 58 countries > 446 legal reports)
  • Simple transfer of legal changes
  • Support of relevant legal formats such as XML, etc.
  • Direct transmission to the state authorities
  • Transparent thanks to dashboard monitoring and real-time reports
  • Integrated solution - directly from the SAP standard
  • Efficient thanks to the connection to the SAP business technology platform and easy access to important company data

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Phoron has more than 10 years of experience with e-invoicing and tax reporting in over 10 countries worldwide, especially in the most challenging countries such as Brazil. We help our customers to prepare their SAP systems for all legal requirements and to keep their business compliant.

More than 10 years of experience

Deep knowledge of e-invoicing and tax reporting

Single Point of Contact for all compliance requirements worldwide

Special expertise in challeging countries like Brazil, and implementation experience in Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Poland, Romania, Sweeden, Germany, Chile, Hungary, Greece

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