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News from the World of SAP

Agility, productivity gain and time reduction in processes are the ma
Partnership between MHP and Phoron shall intensify SAP-Software in Latin America.
Starting from the 1st of April 2020, the tax authority in Hungary will accept only the new XML version 2.0.
The cooperation between SAP and Microsoft provides companies with an immediate, secure and scalable infrastructure for thei
The shadow IT is growing - especially in globally active companies that have different solutions and systems in the respective branches.
Big data enables faster decisions to be made in strategic and operational purchasing.
European nations are preparing for e-invoicing and companies have to move along.
Crises, embargoes and political decisions - the Brexit currently shows how quickly corporate decisions have to be made today.
With a changing economy, UK decided to implement new requirements for VAT Return..
How Wien Energie can use SAP PPM to advance the right projects and align them with the strategic goals.
Interested companies learned what is important on the SAP Rollout day to Brazil in Cologne.
How pester pac automation was able to significantly reduce costs by digitizing the procurement process.
Brazil is still making it difficult for international investors and companies wishing to establish themselves in the largest economy in Latin Ameri
What is the roadmap?