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SAP Rollout Brazil

Master the SAP Rollout to Brazil

ERP Rollouts to Brazil are quite different when compared to rollouts to other countries. The complex structures and the diverse statutory requirements are a bureaucratic jungle for Europeans.

International SAP Rollouts

SAP Rollout Brazil

The core subject of an IT-internationalization strategy is the integration of the Brazilian site into the company-wide processes. The many different taxes and fees, the Nota Fiscal eletronica, the extensive legal reporting and numerous new tax requirements each year, make this topic a challenge.

Starter Package Rollout for Fast Turn-around Time

The Phoron Starter Package for your SAP rollout to Brazil consists of the country version which is constantly updated with the latest notes and includes the complete customizing for the Brazilian tax calculation (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, and ISS). The package contains pre-configured, Brazil-specific Best-Practice processes, which are incomplete in the SAP standard in relation to the legal reporting such as sales processes, sub-contracting, consignment and transfer between plants. In effect, with our starter package, the system is ready to for productive use from day one.  Therefore a lot of time is saved at the start of the project..

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Brazilian necessities are already included

Moreover, various support programs are also included, which support the tests in the introductory phase, and provide additional opportunities to increase process reliability in the productive environment. As part of the starter package, all documentation pertaining to the delivered processes are included, which are valuable as a basis for further project work, and creating further documentation. Besides the pre-configured SAP country-version, all necessities for legal reporting are delivered with the package by which a non-SAP or third-party solution is obsolete.

Simplified import process with the Phoron Import Cockpit

The import process in Brazil is very complex and involves a lot of manual work and is therefore very prone to errors. There are a number of legal requirements in Brazil in order to be able to import and move goods in Brazil. Data such as product values, taxes, fees, etc. must be posted for each product. In addition, an identification number must be requested from the Brazilian government for the movement of goods.

The Phoron Import Cockpit bundles all of this data in one interface from which all further processes in the procurement process can be initiated in a structured manner. Every single step in the import process is assigned to the correct identification number. This avoids duplicates and makes the process much easier and clearer.

I really appreciated the intercultural skills of the (European) Phoron team members as well as their experience in the very special circumstances in matters of "tax assessment", which were used in a targeted manner, especially in specialist discussions.
Achim Billstein
Project Manager IT at PFERD Werkzeuge

Reduce Risk by Using the Complexity

Brazil is complex, these are the facts. But the associated structuring required by the complexity substantially reduces the project risk.

The decisive factors for structuring the complexity and reducing the project risk include

Know-how of the complexity and the structure

Know-how of the possibilities in SAP

Know-how of the legal requirements

Structured analysis of the current status

Structured project plan

Structured integration test

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Why Rollouts to Brazil with Phoron?

Own registered offices in Brazil

Easy project communication due to multi-linguicism of our consultants

More than 50 employed consultants with Brazil-specific know-how in Europe and Brazil

Fast project start by means of a pre-configured template

Legal Reporting covered with SAP means

Guaranteed support in Brazil and Europe from a single source

Working together with the team dedicated to Vestas Brazil Roll-out was a great experience. The team was dedicated and hard working, had good knowledge about Brazil processes and assisted Vestas in understanding the requirements and needs.
Stefan Vestergaard
Senior Business Consultant bei Vestas Wind Systems

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