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Digital Manufacturing

Digitize Manufacturing Processes and Produce More Efficiently

Put an end to the paper-based factory! Control, monitor and automate your production by integrating top floor to shop floor with the SAP Manufacturing Suite and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

SAP Consulting

Digital Manufacturing with SAP

The intelligent networking of machines and processes is the basis of a smart factory, and results in significantly more economical and efficient production. Modern manufacturing execution systems combine production and business processes and ensure continuous and transparent processes - without paper, in real time.

SAP Manufacturing Suite (MII / MES / PCo)

Connect your entire production with your ERP system and get insights into the efficiency and quality of your production processes at any time - from the individual machine to the worker and the finished product.

SAP ME Insights
SAP DMC Insights

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Even more insights into your production. The SAP DMC expands the on premise manufacturing portfolio and offers more KPI-based analyzes and more detailed production planning.

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Years of industry experience in mechanical and plant engineering

Detailed knowledge of manufacturing and business processes

Experts with MES and ERP know-how

Optimization of your entire production - from planning to production

Orientation towards SAP standards and industry best practices

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Michael Zier

CoE Lead Implementation, Solution Architect