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SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Even more insights into your production. The SAP DMC expands the on premise manufacturing portfolio and offers more KPI-based analyzes and more detailed production planning.

Production control system and manufacturing intelligence in one SaaS system

SAP DMC connects the top floor and shop floor in a cloud-based, scalable solution at any time. This ensures consistent and transparent manufacturing processes across system and company boundaries. Thanks to the cloud provision, you have an insight into your production processes at any time and anywhere, right down to the individual workstation and individual machine.

The integrated analysis and reporting functions, based on real-time data and powerful KPIs, provide insights into the performance of your production at any time. This enables you to react more quickly to deficiencies and inefficiencies.

SAP DMC Insights

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud Components

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud Resource Orchestration

Your Benefits

  • Central control and monitoring of production in every web browser
  • More efficient use of workers, materials and machines and more productive processes
  • More detailed production planning down to each work step
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of all relevant information about production based on high-performance KPIs and supported by artificial intelligence
  • Adapt your production and products to market changes more quickly thanks to the easy scalability of a cloud solution

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