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Customer Relationship Management with SAP

Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage and bring Sales, Marketing and Service together

Attracting new customers and expanding existing relationships is the goal of modern customer relationship management. Increasing competition and corporate profitability is directly related to this.


Customer Relationship Management with SAP

Sales, Marketing, Service - Each department collects data to the customer. Each department has different requirements on a CRM system. Thus the departments often use different tools. With an integrated CRM system, which meets the requirements of Sales, Marketing and Service, all data to a customer are available in consolidated form. 

CRM for Sales

SAP CRM brings together all sales-relevant information - At any time, at the click of a button. The view of current marketing promotions, and the status of orders, as well as any complaints, allows for individual customer care and helps you forecast and plan your pipeline. Important customer knowledge is centralised and made ​​available to all persons involved.


Supported Sales Processes

  • Opportunity management
  • Sales planning and territory management
  • Quotation and order management
  • Sales processes
  • Information on competition
  • Analysis and reporting, etc.

CRM for Marketing

The segmentation of your customers into relevant target groups is the basis for precise campaigns. Personalise your conversations with customers by offering precisely the right products and services they need. Customers' responses to your campaigns can flow directly into Sales, as well as other marketing activities – thus optimising the use of your resources. SAP CRM helps control and co-ordinate a campaign’s execution. Therefore, campaign results can be optimised and coverage waste due to broad selective marketing is reduced. In addition, tasks and resources in marketing can be better distributed.


Supported Marketing Processes

  • Segmentation and target group creation
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Campaign execution
  • Lead / opportunity management, etc.

CRM for Service

Especially in today's competitive markets, excellent service undoubtedly leads to increased customer loyalty. The ability to respond to customer issues quickly and to find an appropriate solution, promises long-term success. To make this possible, it is necessary that the productivity of workers and the service processes are optimised, which is substantially supported by SAP CRM.

The combination of customer data with technical data from objects, facilitates the coordination of your service calls and provides the means for forecasting and proactive planning; which is supported by preconceived service processes.


Supported Service Processes

  • Service requests
  • Problem solving
  • Resource planning
  • Email management

On Premise or Cloud?

Whether if it is SAP CRM or SAP Cloud for Customer, customer relationship management tools from SAP keep all information in one system and improve the cooperation between Sales and other departments.
SAP CRM on premise
Slim or extensive, the on premise solution fits to your requirements and gives you the security of a stationary system. The strong integration with your ERP system supports your processes and consolidates all customer information from sales, marketing and service departments.
SAP Cloud for Customer
The platform-independent solution is highly integrated with your ERP system and connects your processes in sales, marketing and service. Regardless of where you are, you always have the most current data at hand.
Mobile Apps
With the SAP Fiori apps there are now mobile applications for on premise solutions available. The simple interface and the simplified process steps make Fiori apps very user-friendly and easy to use. SAP Fiori apps are available for a multitude of processes and are already delivered with SAP CRM.

Your Competitive Advantages

Reduction in acquisition costs of customers

Increase in Sales

Increase in efficiency

Better and more current customer data

Data Security

Advantages of SAP CRM Systems

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Sales/Service Managers
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Field/Office Staff

Why SAP CRM Implementation with Us?

Each company pursues their own individual processes in Sales, Marketing and Service, and has differing requirements. Therefore, we believe it is wrong for your company to adapt its processes, to a standard software platform without prior personal consultation.

Our implementation methodology aims to realise your individual requirements with SAP CRM. First, we work with you in evaluating your requirements, and then create a solution tailored to your needs.

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