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Accelerate closings and increase accrual management transparency with new S/4HANA Accrual Management solution

Correct accrual is required in order to present legal requirements and an accrual-based distribution of costs and revenues in the balance sheet. This avoids cost fluctuations in cost center accounting and periodic postings are generated automatically in S/4HANA using Accrual Management.

Recurring entry documents with fixed amounts are no longer necessary. Based on entered basic data of an accrual object, the Accrual Engine calculates accruals and generates required periodic postings. This saves you time and money. 


The "Manual Accrual" component is available for automated calculation and posting of accruals in General Ledger Accounting. A significant advantage is that for a business transaction to be accrued, the basic data only needs to be entered once. The system automatically calculates the amounts to be accrued. An accrual run can be started in each period, during which all necessary accruals are posted for the various business transactions. In addition, "Manual Accrual" supports parallel accounting. This provides the possibility to calculate and post accruals simultaneously and continuously according to different accounting rules. 



SAP Accrual Management

Source: SAP


Accrual Management supports accelerated month-end or year-end closing and monitoring of open accruals. It also provides a more accurate and consistent presentation of accruals in the balance sheet and expenses in the P&L - both at line item and summary levels.