Phoron Team


Achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency with the use of an integrated platform for planning, analysis and reporting

Through real-time integration with the S/4HANA database, you can retrieve large amounts of data in seconds and process it further in the SAP Analytics Cloud. The graphical representation in dashboards and the definition of key performance indicator systems enable targeted analysis, significantly higher transparency and an accurate forecast of future business developments.

Rapid recognition of opportunities and risks gives your company a competitive advantage and thus also a potential increase in sales and earnings. Additional predictive functionalities (e.g. machine learning) optimize reaction times to future developments. 

Security aspects have the highest priority - the Live Data Connection guarantees that your data is not replicated in the cloud and thus does not leave your company. 


SAP Analytics Cloud enables rapid provision of data from a wide range of areas. Not only financial data is relevant here, but a wide variety of data from your company, such as data from logistics or from the project business, can be combined in a variety of ways to cover your individual needs for presentation and analysis. The big advantage is that large amounts of data can be displayed in a clear and structured way.


Your organization can thus derive the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud into better and faster decisions for action. The solution elements are flexible and can be adapted to emerging needs and requirements without major adaptation effort. Costly data preparation is reduced as intuitive data analytics enable greater agility, giving you a significant edge to navigate through a dynamic business environment. This saves time and money!  

SAP Analytics Cloud