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Next-generation intercompany reconciliation: in the fast lane with S/4HANA and Fiori

SAP ICMR (Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation) significantly improves and accelerates the entire process of intercompany postings, and is an integrated part of S/4HANA.

More overview and transparency

The new intercompany reconciliation in S/4HANA is much clearer. Whereas it was previously necessary for different facts and documents from general ledger and subledger accounting to be mapped via different processes and transactions, SAP ICMR merges them into a single reconciliation process. This not only reduces the overall reconciliation effort, but also significantly increases flexibility during execution. 


Uniform data basis

In addition, the new Universal Journal table forms the data basis for SAP ICMR in the S/4 system. What sounds logical at first glance brings a number of real advantages in practice . The document data relevant for intercompany reconciliation does not have to be written to tables created specifically for ICR and processed from there, as was previously the case. Instead, access works directly to the source database table ACDOCA. This procedure not only enables real-time analyses, but also eliminates all so-called ETL processes (extraction, transformation and loading processes, with the help of which data is prepared for further processing). The entire reconciliation process becomes significantly more performant. 


No switching between applications

A consolidated data source that allows data to be viewed and reconciled both in aggregated form at the enterprise level and broken down to the company level without having to switch applications. This allows both aggregate data to be reviewed and specific issues to be analyzed in detail by drilling down to the document segment. 



SAP ICMR offers in-app communications directly from the application, which can be made even clearer and more flexible with SAP Fiori. 


Source: SAP


SAP ICMR not only makes it possible to significantly increase the automation rate of intercompany bookings, but also manages to fully integrate itself into the new working world of S/4HANA and Fiori by optimally exploiting its potential.