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Transfer Tax Information with SAP Document Compliance

SAP Document Compliance is integrated in ECC and S/4HANA, and provides a solution for all mandatory countries such as Italy, Hungary and Turkey. Companies benefit from the uniform user experience and support from a single partner.

One System for the Entire eDocument Process

Countries like Italy, Hungary, Turkey, and many more require companies to issue tax information to legal authorities electronically. Data from outgoing and incoming business documents like delivery notes and invoices need to be transferred in a predefined format to external systems. In addition, every country has its own legal requirements of how data have to be structured and transferred.


In the most cases, this is an eDocument in XML file format with predefined fields. To bring the data from your ERP into the right structure and fields of the required XML file, SAP created “Document Compliance”, to simplify tax information transfer while complying with local regulations. The solution includes every process step of e-Invoicing, from eDocument generation to transfer, with all country-specific legal requirements. Additionally, the monitoring and managing of your submitted eDocuments in an overview cockpit makes it easy to keep on track on status and feedback from external systems.

SAP Document Compliance

Countries Supported

  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey

Your Benefits

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Integrated with ECC and S/4HANA
Less risk of invalid data or failures in transferring data from backend to 3rd party tool
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One single solution for all mandatory countries
Safe time and costs, no multiple solutions have to be implemented and supported.
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Unified User Experience
One cockpit for all countries, less training effort
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One support partner for all countries
Easy and in-time update on legal changes, process expertise
Digital transformation is in progress worldwide and SAP Document Compliance (eDocument) enables our company to operate our business in compliance with all countries where e-invoice is needed. The unified e-invoice platform is a key benefit for our IT department.
Harald Holub
Head of Order-to-Cash Applications at RHI Magnesita

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