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e-Invoicing Hungary


New regulations on e-Invoicing come into force in Hungary

The world of e-invoicing and its international regulations are constantly changing. Starting from the 1st of April 2020, the tax authority in Hungary will accept only the new XML version 2.0, and reject all invoices without processing sent through the current version 1.1.
Be aware: The penalties for non-compliance can generate high fines for your company.

Besides the layout change, the NAV announced to eliminate the current limit for invoices (over HUF 100.000 in VAT), which means affected businesses must declare ALL their invoices. This change will become mandatory starting from 1st July 2020.

Changes in NAV XML Version 2.0

With the new version 2.0, seven technical layout changes have to be taken into account in your system, of which five points affect not only the generation of the XML but also concerne the appropriate data. The following fields are affected:

  • modificationIndex
    gapless sequential numbering of invoice chain
  • postalCode
    type has been changed
  • VATRateNetAmountHUF
    new field for net amount of sales or service delivery
  • lineNetAmountHUF
    net value of the item, prerequisite: tax code for each item
  • invoiceNetAmountHUF (calculated field)
  • invoiceGrossAmountHUF (calculated field)
  • Deleted tags: modificationIssueDate, modificationTimestamp, lastModificationReference

For more technical details:

Up to Date with SAP Document Compliance

More and more countries are demanding e-Invoicing. Following the global approach of SAP, Document Compliance supports e-invoicing processes for all mandatory countries and guarantees compliance by continuous development and update on legal changes. For Hungary, SAP already provides the solution for the version 2.0 of the Online Invoice interface in Sales, Procurement and Finance.