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Expansion Brazil


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The shadow IT is growing - especially in globally active companies that have different solutions and systems in the respective branches. In order to curb this overgrowth of IT landscapes from the start, business processes must be standardized. A consistent IT system and a harmonized database help to facilitate process support in the respective branches. If new branches are added in other countries, these must also be seamlessly integrated into the IT of the corporate headquarters. Many companies have an ERP system that they would like to roll out in the respective country version.

More transparency than shadow - especially in Latin America

If companies are planning to expand to Brazil, Argentina or Mexico, more effort is to be expected when mapping the business processes on the IT system side. Because here an ERP rollout is associated with various challenges, since the country version cannot be easily adapted. This is due to the different tax regulations and legal reports, which are unparalleled, especially in Brazil. Phoron Consulting has specialized as a consulting company and expert for Latin America and, in addition to a country version, has launched important add-ons, best practices and NFE solutions for expanding companies.

Beyond.Brasil – SAP Country Version plus AddOns

Beyond.Brasil initially consists of the SAP country version. This is supplemented with the latest updates and contains the entire customizing of Brazilian tax calculation (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS). In addition, there are the following add-ons that are of existential importance for the correct mapping of tax rules and reports:


Companies such as Heller, ProMinent, Reader GmbH & Co.KG, PFERD GmbH and Walter AG have set up branches in Brazil and opted for the Beyond.Brasil solution. Thanks to the ready-made template, a lot of time could be saved even at the start of the project. The following video summarizes briefly the challenges that need to be taken into account in the IT system-side mapping of business processes in Brazil (in German):