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e-Invoicing in Brazil as a Service

The complexity of Brazilian legislation requires agility and a lot of knowledge to keep the business running. Changes of the Nota Fiscal eletrônica (NF-e) generate unplanned costs for companies and increase the need to engage external specialized consultants to keep their system in compliance with the tax obligations. One wrong decision could stop business in Brazil.

To keep the IT system landscape in compliance with Brazilian laws we are offering a new service called Phoron Beyond.Brasil-NFe Cloud. IT departments will not have to take care to keep the GRC and PO system in compliance with Brazilian laws. We are going to maintain the GRC and PO continually and keep it updated by implementing SAP Support Package and OSS Notes.

Services Included

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Product-related Services
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Change Management
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NFe Support

Your Benefits

  • Save costs: no need of extra hardware and software licenses for the electronic invoicing (SAP GRC)

  • Save time: no efforts for monitoring the expiry of certificates – we do it for you!

  • Save nerves: no worries about future legal changes – they are included in our service during the contract period (e.g. change of NFe layout 3.10 to 4.0)

  • Save resources: resources are a scarce gift in today’s IT departments. By taking care of this legal requirement the Phoron NFe-Cloud helps to free up your valuable resources

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