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Is Your SAP Ready For Brazil?

Master the pitfalls of a SAP rollout to Brazil. The prefabricated template Beyond.Brasil ensures a rapid start of the project and includes all Brazilian necessities to legally conduct your business in Brazil.


Beyond.Brasil consists of several prefabricated solutions that we bring into the customer project. In addition to the SAP country version, the solution also covers all the requirements of legal reporting and the Nota Fiscal eletronica.

Vorgefertigtes Template - Produktiv ab Tag 1

Beyond.Brasil besteht aus der SAP Landesversion, die von Phoron laufend mit den neuesten Hinweisen aktualisiert wird und das gesamte Customizing der brasilianischen Steuerberechnung enthält (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS). 

Brasilienspezifische Best-Practice Prozesse, die im SAP Standard in Bezug auf das gesetzliche Reporting unvollständig abgebildet sind, sind vorgefertigt und in unser Template eingebaut. Dieses bringen wir auf Wunsch in jedes Brasilien Rollout-Projekt mit, um darauf aufbauend Ihre individuellen Prozesse in ihrem Unternehmenstemplate zu implementieren.

Damit ist sichergestellt, dass vom Projektstart an produktiv an den brasilienspezifischen Prozessen gearbeitet werden kann. Die Vorlaufzeit für die effektive Projektarbeit ist damit stark verkürzt.

Brazil-specific best practice processes

Processes incompletely mapped in the SAP standard, e.g. Sales processes, subcontracting, consignment and transfer between plants are prefabricated.

Supporting additional programs

In addition, the template contains various supporting additional programs that support the tests in the implementation phase and offer additional options for increasing process reliability in productive operation.


All documentation pertaining to the delivered processes are included, which are valuable as a basis for further project work, and creating further documentation. These can also be provided upon request in SAP Solution Manager.

NFe - Legal Reporting in Brazil

SAP provides the foundation for the Nota Fiscal electronica (NFe), a solution for the outbound and inbound processing of the required XML files. Through this legal reporting is standardised and available in one system, and discrepancies with data are avoided. The additional licensing costs are far outweighed by its functionality. In terms of time and resource conservation, Phoron has created a prototype system from which a solution can be quickly developed.

The requirements for legal reporting in Brazil are complex and diverse. Phoron has the overview and can advise you on all matter of questions; from which reports must be provided, to how they should best be implemented.

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