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Report Taxes and Fees Correctly and Efficiently in Brazil

Beyond.Brasil-FiscalCockpit is an SAP ERP solution that supports Accounting in various segments of the Brazilian market through the periodic reporting of the required statutory data.

Comply with tax reporting requirements without third-party software

All government standards and requirements are strictly adhered to. In addition to the reports available in the SAP standard, the "Beyond.Brasil Fiscal Cockpit" also provides additional reporting that is legally compliant, and is available in a single licenced framework.


Through direct integration into SAP, all necessary data for legal reporting can be simply extracted. A single data source ensures data consistency, and greatly reduces time-consuming data maintenance. This means SAP can efficiently deliver the extensive and necessary reporting requirements, without the use of additional third-party software.


Fiscal Cockpit provides additional support programs to ensure that the data to be reported is correct. With these programs, inconsistencies can be quickly analysed and corrected to meet the requirements of the Brazilian government. All reports can also be adapted in a timely manner, in accordance with any legal changes, that may (and regularly) occur.

The following reports are covered with Beyond.Brasil-FiscalCockpit:

  • SPED Fiscal: Along with ICMS (model 9) and IPI (model 8) ledgers
  • SPED Contributions: Based on invoices with PIS and COFINS
  • SPED Accounting: In Layout 5.0
  • SPED ECF: Accounting Tax Bookkeeping (from 2015 on)
  • GIAs for the various states
  • FCI: Import Content Data Sheet with 4% ICMS
  • NFe: in the current version
  • CIAP: for customers that claim this tax benefit when acquiring assets (using FI-AA via MIRO)
  • REINF: electronic, case-related reporting of withholding taxes from incoming invoices
  • TRANSFER PRICE: detection and monitoring of minimum margins for imports and exports with affiliated companies

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