Advantech adopts SAP S/4HANA and ACR global tax solution with pioneer project by Phoron

Implementation of the official tax platform ACR Brazil Option was complemented by the Beyond.ACR application from Phoron. Agility, productivity gain and time reduction in processes are the major project outcomes.

February 2021 The Brazilian operation of Advantech, a global leader in the areas of intelligent IoT systems and embedded platforms, has just rolled out SAP S/4 HANA from its headquarters, located in Taiwan. To support the adoption of the official tax solution of the new platform, the ACR (Advanced Compliance Reporting) Brazil Option, the industry had the support of Phoron, a consulting company specialized in SAP, which conducted an unprecedented tax project in the country.


The implementation of the tax solution occurred in just two months and was complemented by the complementary application of the partner, called Beyond.ACR, to meet the particularities of the complex Brazilian tax system, supporting Advantech in the delivery of its legal obligations correctly with an SAP homologated solution.  


"ACR is a platform that supports the company's tax operation, but does not meet its entirety, which was complemented by Phoron's Beyond.ACR solution, allowing us to navigate the system in an unified way, which results in productivity and practicality, which are important requirements of the new solution," explains Rosane Roverelli, Managing Director of Advantech.


ACR, integrated to Beyond, has already brought results to Advantech. The average costing process, for example, which is based on inventory inputs and outputs, on the dollar oscillation and freight cost, among other market indicators, was carried out in one hour and was optimized for one minute.


The user-friendly interface provided by Fiori, a set of SAP technologies that prioritizes usability and user experience (UX), is also noted in using ACR. The company points out that the solution previously used, SAP ECC, had static data, without the freedom of analysis within the platform. "With ACR, we have the possibility to produce reports in a simplified way using concepts such as "drag and release" and filters, consulting the information directly in the database, which provides us with the speed and answers in real time", points out Rosane.


For Phoron, the project confirms the company's expertise in SAP solutions and reinforces the partnership with Advantech, which has been a customer since 2012. "Even though it is a pioneering project in Brazil, we built the integration in just two months, proving our experience both in the German platform and in the tax needs of companies," concludes Jörg Gerdiken from Phoron, adding that the company continues to provide service to Advantech with support for SAP and ACR.