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29. September 2020 - HANNOVER


Practice day: Successful implementation and operation of a SAP system in Latin America

In order to successfully master a rollout to Argentina, Brazil or Mexico, it is important to know the stumbling blocks and reduce risks.
Learn the most important information about the various legal regulations on how to plan and structure a rollout, and listen to practical reports from companies that have already mastered the rollout.

Unlike in Germany, the Latin American governments suspect fraud and corruption behind every transaction. For this reason, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in particular have complex tax regulations and require companies to provide extensive legal reports and electronic invoices, often with online authorization by the authorities.


The effects on the handling of business processes in the SAP system are far-reaching. Not only the finance area is affected, the processes often have to be adapted deep into logistics. In addition, depending on the region, district, nature and origin of the raw material, industry, and much more. the legal regulations vary and are subject to annual changes. Compliance with and timely implementation of all of these requirements is essential for doing business.


It is therefore all the more important to plan and structure a rollout to Latin America precisely and to find out about all stumbling blocks in advance.

Learn the most important things about:

  • the peculiarities and diverse regulations of Brazil, Argentina and Mexico with regard to tax regulations, legal reporting and compliance,
  • how you plan and structure a rollout to Latin America, and
  • how to do business with your SAP ERP or S/4HANA system in compliance with the law (including legal reporting) and reduce risks.

Agenda and Program

The agenda is currently being worked on. Look forward to practical reports from companies that have already mastered the rollout. In recent years, included: HORSCH machines, rose plastic, Walter AG, and much more.