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Manage IT Projects and Resources Efficiently

The efficient use of resources and a clear project management are essential success factors for IT service providers. Beyond.IT-Projects enables a quick, cost-effective introduction of standardized processes and functions that have been tried and tested in many IT projects.


Beyond.IT Projects

With Beyond.IT-Projects we offer a preconfigured, optimized solution for IT project management. The basis is SAP PPM - the extensive portfolio and project management tool from SAP. With SAP PPM, you can help the departments involved to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively in the project context.

Essential Processes for IT Project Management are preconfigured

The basis of Beyond.IT-Projects is SAP PPM (portfolio and project management). The processes essential for IT project management are set up and specifically adapted to customer requirements. Other functions of SAP PPM that are not absolutely necessary for IT project management are not activated - but can of course be configured at any time if required.


The project managers have an overview of the status of your projects on dates, costs and resources.


With PPM there is a central information system in which the project information is available for the entire project portfolio.


The resource managers can control the workload of their employees and external staff.

Solution Scope

project planning

Multi Project Management / Portfolio Management

With the functions in portfolio management, the implementation of 4 element/project types is included, as well as the mapping of essential master data, a questionnaire, e.g. to determine a risk value and, especially with regard to portfolio controlling, a portfolio overview list with two different views and a graphic dashboard.

project planning

Single Project Management

The functionalities in project management support the project manager in the processes at the start of the project with planning functionalities and templates and with project coordination. For project controlling and project completion, cost overviews, date comparisons in the Gantt and the automatic calculation of deviations from the actual feedback compared to the planning are available. A status report as a generated PDF, as well as its dispatch by email will be set up.


Resource Management

It includes the management of external and internal resources that are mapped as business partners. The system provides overviews in tabular and graphic form for planning and for the availability of individuals.

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